• Nick Molina started working for International Vapor Group in 2009

  • Posted on February 19, 2014
  • Nick Molina has been working in the electronic cigarette industry for a number of years now. He is the Chief Executive Officer (or CEO) of International Vapor Group , which is a well known company in the electronic cigarettes industry. It is a firm that is associated with some of the most successful and well-known brands in the field. This includes being the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer for popular brands like EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. Both of those brands are popular in their own right. EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke both became popular by offering high quality products that are not over-priced.

    Individuals who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes are usually doing so because they want to improve their health, or at least stop harming it, and because they want to save money. So, electronic cigarettes need to be inexpensive in order to be a viable alternative for many people. Electronic cigarettes are a viable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes because it is a much healthier habit. It is well known these days that smoking tobacco cigarettes comes with all sorts of health risks, including much higher risks of contracting fatal diseases. In order to forgo these risks, many people are now turning to electronic cigarettes and, by extension, to Nick Molina's International Vapor Group. Molina hopes to help individuals to avoid the health risks, economic costs, and social ostracizing that goes along with smoking tobacco cigarettes today. He does this by providing access to an alternative that creates water vapor instead of smoke filled with tar and carcinogens.

    Nick Molina started working for International Vapor Group in 2009 and has, for the last three years, been on a sabbatical from work. Nick Molina has a management style that is results-driven and he has brought this unique approach to International Vapor Group. Additionally, Nick Molina has won several business awards, including being given Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Company Award four years consecutively.

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